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Let's Create: The Unseen

On November 19th, 2017 I held my first Solo photo exhibition, titled  "Let's Create : The Unseen" , which was held at the The Sussex Contemporary Gallery, Ottawa. 

The concept behind the project was to aesthetically create photos where the faces of my subjects were partially concealed to make viewers pay close attention to other details such as the emotions exhibited by the subject, edits, mood, poses and surroundings of the photo, to make the viewers not focus on the subjects faces, to let them know there is a lot that makes a photo than the physical or facial beauty of the subject. 

  With this project, I wanted to create a relationship between the audience and the hidden subjects, that's why the faces of the subjects/models were hidden and if you can still look at each photo and feel a sort of connection with the photos without seeing the models faces, then my goal was achieved.

  The event was also graced by WoahDija, who performed an amazing spoken words performance, before the unveiling of the photos. In attendance at the exhibition were also top creators, models, bloggers and so on.

Below are photos of the "The Unseen" exhibited at the event and you can also read the reviews of the event made by attendees at the lower page

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